Testimonials - Active Age Fitness

I am fitter, stronger and healthier. Off my diabetes and blood pressure medicines and no longer have a fatty liver! My doctor asked me how I did it.

“Dina and her training!”

Jane, Sunnyvale

I’ve done “the circuit” exercise for over 10 years, but felt that I needed something more.

I’m in my 70s and worry about balance, feeling stiff. I’ve been training twice a week with Dina now for the last 3 months or so. It’s great!

She varies the exercises and knows just how far to push. She doesn’t ask the impossible, but makes the training hard enough. I can feel the difference.

I know that I am more flexible than I was even a month ago!

Judy, Los Altos

I was facing full knee replacement surgery within the month. I asked Dina to help me prepare for surgery by building up the muscles around my knees to speed recovery.

My therapists were very impressed with the condition and strength that I had built up presurgery. I am now 7 weeks post surgery and my doctor was amazed at the speed of my recovery.

My doctors and physical therapists credit the training along with my determination to work the therapy for my rapid recovery.

Rebecca, Sunnyvale

The first time I joined a gym, it was one that had weight machines as well as bikes and treadmills. Then I joined one that had a circuit where one completed the circuit twice. I was getting more exercise than I had been getting. However, after a while, I found the circuit rather boring and felt I wasn’t getting much out of it.

After starting small group training with Dina, I believe the exercise I’m getting is much more beneficial. I am working much harder than on the circuit machines. I’m learning exercises to help me in my everyday activities.

Dina does a great job of individualizing instruction within the small group. She provides different or modified exercises if need be. She pushes us, but knows when we’ve been pushed enough. I find I am getting stronger, my balance is better and I am able to use what I learn daily. I look forward to going to the gym to see what Dina has in store for us!

Ruth, Sunnyvale

I definitely feel and see a difference from when I started training. I’m stronger and feel better both physically and mentally!

Lisa, Sunnyvale

I am so glad I found Dina!

Dave and I have had an amazing start to the New Year because I walked into Active Age Fitness and signed up! We have both lost at least 20 lbs and are feeling better than we have in many years. This has all happened because Dina is dedicated to my fitness and my health.

The meal plans and nutrition guidance is something we have been able to easily embrace. Not that we didn’t have to change our lifestyle, we did. We were ready for it. For the past 10 years or so most of our days have been spent communicating with clients and running our business sitting with our computers on our laps. Now we are up hiking and biking more, at least 3 times a week. I work out with Dina 2 to 3 times a week and it has really made the difference. Being responsible to show up and work out with my small group has given me to incentive to keep going! All it takes is 40 minutes (30 minutes to workout plus 5 minutes each way for travel time) 2-3 times a week and I have lost at least 3 inches in my waist and hips!

Dina specializes in older adult fitness and I appreciate that she molds my workouts to my fitness goals. As a 50 something women, this is paramount to my success and attitude towards it! Come and join me! I work out on Tuesday and Thursdays with Dina from 11 to 11:30. Come try it, I think you’ll love it.

Trish, Sunnyvale

When I started the group training with Dina, I had given up ever being able to run again.

At 47 years old, I figured I would only be able to prevent wear and tear injuries as I age. Less than 3 months and with only half-hour sessions of non-brutal training, I’m fitter, stronger, in a much better mood, and have much more stamina. And more importantly, I am sure I can even run again eventually.

Dina is a passionate and dedicated trainer who has reminded me being fit and healthy doesn’t have to be dreaded.

Elham, Sunnyvale